our pillow

Filled with a blend of British white wool and Herdwick wool, and encased in a 100% cotton cover, the herdysleep pillow is naturally supportive and luxuriously comfortable.

The herdysleep pillow comes with a 1 year guarantee but is exempt from the 100 night’s trial.

from £69.00

need to know

  • Cover

    • Non-removable
    • 100% cotton cover
  • Filling

    • 80% British white wool
    • 20% Herdwick wool
  • Feel

    • Medium or firm
  • Size

    • 50cm x 75cm
  • Care Instructions

    • Dry clean only

benefits of sleeping on wool

Opting for a natural wool filling as opposed to synthetic materials helps to regulate your body temperature and, as wool is fantastic at wicking away moisture lost during sleep, you will stay cool and dry throughout the night. It is also the perfect choice for allergy sufferers as wool is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

The fill to fit you

The herdysleep pillow comes in two different levels of fill so you can choose the pillow which is right for you. The medium fill pillow is designed to suit all sleeping positions, allowing your head to gently sink into the pillow whilst supporting the head and shoulders and keeping your spine aligned. If you are looking for a higher level of support, opt for our firm fill pillow.

made in Britain

The herdysleep pillow is proudly made in Britain using only the finest fibres and materials.

When you purchase products that are made in Britain, you are contributing to the success of a British business and quite often, British craftsmanship. This means the business is given the chance to grow, creating more jobs and development opportunities for local people. In turn, they have money to spend within the country, giving the economy a boost.

By supporting British manufacturing and championing British industry in this way, you are helping to promote a future in which these businesses can thrive, as well as helping to preserve traditional crafts and skills.