Our luxury mattresses are made by expert craftsmen who combine traditional mattress making methods with innovative technology. The mattress is constructed of supportive micro-sized pocket springs topped with sustainably-sourced Herdwick wool and our natural sleep surface. Find out below about the materials we use and how we build your herdysleep mattress.

sleep surface

We believe a natural sleeping surface is best, which is why we have developed a naturally fire-retardant fabric that does not require the use of chemical treatment. Derived from plants and woven in our Yorkshire workshop, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re sleeping on something natural.


At least one Herdwick fleece lies at the heart of every one of our mattresses. Directly sourced from farmers in the Lake District, we make sure that we pay fair prices, so by choosing a herdysleep you’re helping us support Herdwick farmers.

The wool is cleaned, carded and blended with cotton and cashmere for soft, sumptuous,  bouncy fibres. It is then shaped into a pad for the mattress.

As well as being naturally flame-resistant and hypoallergenic, wool is highly absorbent and breathable, so you will stay cool and fresh throughout the night.


Our micro-sized springs are made in-house by us.

Because they are so small, we can fit over 6,000 of them in one king size mattress, offering an incredible level of support and comfort. In just one herdysleep mattress there are three layers of pocket springs, giving you a supportive and restful night’s sleep.


We use foam as the foundation within our mattress. It is both supportive enough to provide a firm layer for the springs to sit on and flexible enough to go through our packing process.

how it’s made

attaching the border

After our springs and foam have been layered up, our craftspeople carefully attach a border to the mattress core, securing everything in place. The Herdwick wool is then layered on top, before being covered with our natural sleep surface.

Hand clipping mattress border


Tufting is a traditional manufacturing method used in making mattresses. Here at herdysleep, we hand-tuft the mattress to make sure that each one has the best possible finish.

Tufts are driven through the entire mattress at regular intervals, securing all the layers of pocket springs and wool in place.


The final step in handcrafting a herdysleep mattress is tape-edging. A highly skilled procedure, our craftspeople use a tape-edging machine to attach the sleep surface to the mattress borders.

Handmade Mattress