Weaving fabric for herdysleep mattress

We know how much of a headache it can be to dispose of your old mattress, wrestling it down the stairs and into your car, or  arranging for someone to come and dispose of it for you. At herdysleep, we take away all this hassle so you can relax on your new herdysleep mattress and wake up with a smile.

how it works

Simply let us know at the checkout if you would like us to dispose of your old mattress for no extra charge, and wait the arrival of your new herdysleep mattress.

On arrival, the delivery team will provide a bag for you to put your old mattress in. In many instances they will help you to put your old mattress into the bag, however this is not guaranteed. We recommend putting the mattress into the bag whilst it is still on your bed frame as you may find this easier. Once the old mattress has been bagged, the team will take it away with them to be responsibly recycled.